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Who We Are And Why Should You Care?


We are Stephen & Jennifer, and are dedicated to sharing information others chose to hide from you. They promise easy quick solutions without the detail necessary to succeed. Because of this and the money and frustration I experienced trying to put my own business together, I have decided to blow a big hole through their so called courses and reveal what they failed to show you.

The Myths

The fastest and easiest way to make money is with affiliate marketing.

Only when you know how? Beginners need to get someone who can show them rather then wasting many months or years failing and being ready to quit?

Learn from a $27million Super Affiliate how he makes $500,000 a month while most others make jack! That is what I did and now you can do likewise. 

Start Making Regular Passive Incomes.

Follow the simple steps to start making money as an affiliate even if you have never been able to make any or very little before. A mentor will fast track your success!

Social Media Ads are simple but only when you know how?

He even shows you how to make a profit using Social Media ads the right way without hit and miss and hoping for a result?

There are many other ways to get tons of free and paid traffic that turbo charges your commisions faster than a speeding bullet? Well almost?

Traffic is King.

All explained on the home page.

Everything they never tell you but now you can get it properly explained. A mentor is worth every penny you invest many times over what it costs you.


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