“How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing? The Right Way To Success!”

How to earn money from affiliate marketing.  The right way to success?

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Many people are easily led to believe that affiliate marketing is an easy way to get rich  quick? In fact many spammy websites and videos tell you that. If you want to know how to make money using affiliate marketing then please read on.

Don’t become another fool? It isn’t easy if you are just starting out on your own. Starting Your First Affiliate Marketing Business without knowing how to do it is a recepe for failure.

That is why most people quit when they don’t earn a cent in a few days, weeks or months as they were made to believe they would make thousands by then? Only by learning can you eventually start earning! Earning only comes before learning in a dictionary.

Other people writing about affiliate marketing start off by explaining what is affiliate marketing? If you need to know that, there are several articles that have already done that so I will instead assume you already know what it is? Google it if you don’t know?

The very first step after learning is to decide upon a niche or better still a sub niche. A problem or question that people are searching to resolve and not  finding it online?

A niche is a specific set of words that describe a problem people want a solution for is the simple description I will use here.

That is what you will need to provide the answer or solution to? People don’t google “dog”? They more likely google “my corgi won’t stop barking at night” being a problem they wish to resolve?

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to find and give them the solution they seek? It is actualy easy to do that when you know how?

You google the problem like you probably googled “affiliate marketing” to get some answers?

Say your subject is gardening as an example? Gardening is not a niche. “How to trim a hedge straight” is a niche.

I checked and found several videos and websites that explain that. However if you try to google “how to make money with affiliate marketing” there are when I checked 418,000,000 results as opposed to just over 4,000,000 results for my first example.

You might be thinking there is a lot of money to be made with affiliate marketing? That is true, however most people who try it never earn a penny and quit. That is because they never bothered to learn how to do it successfully?

Learning is the way to earning but never quick. Work on it the ways I describe and it just might work for you but only if you do the work?

There are many niches on sites like Dummys who publish many books so if there is a book there are people buying them to solve a problem. There are more niches on Amazon where they also sell books.

Your local bookshop is another place to browse for ideas including many magazines too.

Look at the wide variety of magazines on many subjects. All of them are addressing a niche and people are buying them to get more information as well as about their urgent questions or problems they need to resolve.

The best way to check if  your chosen niche has a demand and not too much compitition is to use a keyword tool.

Many of the good ones are expensive if you are starting out? There are a few free ones that will help you get started without shelling out too much to begin with? Wordstream is a decent free one to try?

Look for a niche that has low competition yet sufficient searches online and see how many websites and videos are ranking on the first pages?

Watch a couple of the competing videos and view some of the websites on page one of Google. Are they addressing the problem and giving the answers people are searching for? Can you do better?

To start affiliate marketing and find a niche product you can promote as an affiliate for a commission, start with Clickbank. One that solves a problem people are actively searching online to solve.

A word of warning. Avoid those high gravity, often spammy websites that super affilliates dominate and make almost all the sales from.

You won’t be able to compete with them until you are selling and earning thousands every day of the week? Better still don’t promote any spammy websites? Chose quality offers instead.

To get started on Clickbank you will need to create a free account. Fill in their form, save your login password etc., and look at the various catagories.

Avoid ebusiness and marketing until you have had some success and made sales and have a list of customers. You need a website, or a blog and an autoresponder to get a list of customers.

Back to Clickbank. Chose a product that satisfies a need that has a gravity of between 15 and say 80 to 100. Also one that also has not got a sign up form on their sales page?

Plus it should have an affiliate page with helpful resources especially pre-written emails you can copy into your autoresponder. The more recources they have the better for your success?

Also one with upsells, downsells, recurring monthy upsells in their sales funnel that they also pay you for if the visitor you send there buys them too?

That way instead of earning say $25 a sale you might earn more like $250 or even more?

Look for similar products within your niche that also have the above critia? Make sure you get and save your affiliate URLs. and save them for later or in your follow up emails.

I prefer to save my urls on my Wordpad and then use a url shortening website to shorten those ugly urls. Save and test that they still go to the intended, usually sales pages of what you are or will also be promoting?

Next you will need your own website? First register a domain using a name that preferably quickly idetifies what it is likely to be about?

There are many websites where you can select a domain name? If the name you chose is already taken try a different way to name your website until you see one that is available and is the one best suited to your niche offfer?

Complete the registration process and make the payment. Chose 1 or 2 years.

Once you have done that, the next step is to get your website hosting so you can start creating that website.

Look at how other websites in your chosen niche on page one of Google, especially in your chosen niche look and  that should give you some ideas on how your’s should eventually look, not exactly the same but looking like a proffesional website.

Write a great attention grabbing headline and maybe a great sub heading using keywords from your keyword tool that people are using to find a solution to their problem.

Next write great content expaining their problem then offering the solution. Describe why that is the best way to resolve their issues and make sure they understand that their only alternative is to still keep having their unresolved problem?

Look at how other website sales letters or videos are structured and see how they grab your attention with the headline making you stay on their site?

Then start talking about the problem theiy can resolve without mentioning the product too soon? Never mention the product by name. Most product owners don’t allow that.

Copy writing is a skill but they mostly all follow a set formula. Selling is a skill but you do not need to be a copywriter or a salesperson to write good sales copy when you study and copy the style of others? Don’t copy their actual words unless you want them to sue you?

They usually start with an introduction, the problem? Then they sometimes tell you about the solution and also themselves.

Why you should trust them but as a beginner you don’t need to do that except briefly.

You don’t yet have the creditability or refferals or proofs of incomes they like to brag about to prove they are your go to expert?

Then you tell them they no longer need to have their problem? You have their solution.

The more information you give them them why your solution is the best and why they must have your solution the more they start to think about buying it?

However they have not yet decided 100% so you need to give them more reasons to buy and why not to? Or at least to join your mailing list.

Maybe offer some bonuses or more free information, something that will make them go from thinking about buying to a point where they must have it.

Now you start closing. Lay it on them with lots of reasons why they must have it right away today?

Then they will be directed to your landing page or sign up form to get access to the product and/or just be added to your mailing list for now.

You will need an autoresponder account and some are free to start with until you have say 3000 subscribers on your list?

I use one I pay a monthly fee for because the free one has limited capabilities but you can start with the free option if you wish?

Search for “autoresponder” and select one that has the best price, free to start and is easy for you to understand how to configure and connect it  to your website. They explain that for you.

You will also  have to add your welcome and follow up emails which your affiliate page should have provided you with on your chosen niche product into your autoresponder. Or write a welcome and thank you as the first email your subscriber receives before their buy now messages in the product emails.

Copy and paste and save them all the emails there. Make sure the first one has a welcome and thank you before they see the offer again or another similar offer you have saved.

Link to your sign up form or landing page that shows or links to a sign up form. Never send them straight to the sales page until they give you their sign up details.

The Money Is In Your List! No list and that buyer has gone forever? Build a good relationship with all who arrive on your mailing list so that they see you are there to help them not just empty their pockets?

Try and send some helpful free tips as well as just buy now emails all the time. That would make many unsubscribe too soon?

You will finally need to optimise your website. That is why you need to learn if you wish to eventually earn a regular income from your own online affiliate marketing business. A good place to learn that doesn’t empty all your savings, far from it, is Udemy.

There are many very affordable training video courses that you can buy that will prevent you from becoming the next one to quit. Affiliate marketing courses that on short videos show you the steps and how to implimen them.

Last of all you need to get lazer targeted prospects searching for the solution your website is offering to them. To begin with start with posting on authority sites, answering questions on there as well as on forums again related to your niche or to do with affiliate marketing.

Also on social media sites where as in all places posting your link must be under their strict rules and also with some useful text that is not spam.

Create your own YouTube Channel and put up some videos of your own about your offers without sounding spamy or desperate to get them to buy?

Use paid for ads when you have made money and learnt how to do that without losing money?

Good luck. Get started, click on the next page link on the top of this page. Do that now for another great training site.

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